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Hi, I’m Andrew Tabb Jr.

I am an Experience Designer and part time; photographer, top golfer, and chef. I was in culinary arts for 13 years and then went straight (almost) into a career in design. That might seem a bit of an odd move to some, but to me it made complete sense.

From a young age I have loved both food and technology of any kind and I finally put my finger on why; I love creativity with a purpose. True culinary artists create with a purpose, you need to generate a recipe, work out a way of testing them in a new and innovative way and then evaluate your findings. Technology is, you guessed it, creativity with a purpose! Your only limited by your imagination when it comes to tech.

I came to this realisation at the same time that I became aware of the possibility of being an Experience Designer, and I had a moment of clarity.

I am using the skills I have learned and the experience of my colleagues and mentors to become a designer focused on delivering innovation, delight and above all value to users and businesses.

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My UX Process


Every design starts with research. It’s all about the user, their problems, and how I can solve them. The more I know about the user base and their goals for a project, the better my understanding of how to help.


Preparation is everything. During this stage, I take all the information gathered in the previous step and create a organized plan of approach, with a basic product definition and an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) roadmap.


This is my quick and easy way to validate ideas. I start by figuring out smaller components, then move onto bigger things. Sometimes I will pump out a couple of Crazy 8’s to get everything on the table. At this point I look to refine rough concepts into something solid to build on.

Prototype & Design

I use this step to translate everything I’ve come up with so far to a workable solution. Every component gets to play its part. You get to see your ideas come to life, whether through mockups or clickable prototypes.

Test & Iterate

Testing allows me to identify design flaws, refine concepts and apply this knowledge to make a better product. I look to test during the entire project lifecycle, so if something doesn’t work well, I can quickly find out why and fix it, even if it means going back to a white board or sketchpad.


Once I’ve validated the MVP through testing and user research, i deliver the final results to the stakeholders. Once a project is complete I always listen to user feedback and improve over and over to ensure the customer is enjoying the product or service, as much I did creating it.