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The Concept

Refer owl is an mobile app that wants to be the one stop shop for apartment referrals.

Refer owl approached myself and my team to design an Responsive site that made it easy for potential renters to find referrals and for current residents to give out referrals.

Our objective was to create the finding a referral  and posting a referral expereince. Along with redesigning their current brand identity.

My role was focused on product strategy and interaction design – prioritizing what the user’s problems were and how they interacted with the platform.

OG referowllogo
Original Logo from Client
Competitive Research

I started by looking at the competitive market and performing a heuristic evaluation of sites that were doing well in the market like After doing blind testing users said they used colors that were easy on the eyes and had plenty of advertising that distracted them from their original task. 

Competative Analysis
Persona Development

From analyzing the heuristic evaluation, a survey, and user feed back provided by the clients, I was able to validate the target user group to develop a persona.

  • Maxine, an young student who’s looking to capitalize off of almost any opportunity.
  • Brian, a aspiring entrepreneur who is saving up money to start an business.
Sketching and Body Storming

Sketching and walking through the user journey was crucial in developing the product strategy.

Userflow Refer

Testing with wireframes gave me the opportunity to  shorten the flow length and visualize the layout and design.

Logo Creation

Because our clients wanted to keep the current mascot, I stuck with the owl. As the UX designer tasked with the redesign I chose the this playful color palette to give a casual and trustworthy vibe though our entire team contributed to the strategy of the new redesign.

Logo new
High Fidelity Mockups
Clickable Prototype